Thursday, 24 January 2013

The beginning

A few months ago two women met for the first time near Borough market. After a small amount of handmade show and tell (some fair isle mittens and a hand-knitted dress) some delicious tapas, the realisation that they had attended the same school and some increasingly excited chattering and note-making they hatched a handmade plan.

The women were Ros Badger and Emma Mitchell and their plan was to make a doll, little clothes, jewellery and accessories and auction her to raise money for Comic Relief. Over time the plan expanded - several dolls would be made and thrillingly, several more craftspeople and artists joined in.

This blog will tell the story of the handmade dolls, their fair isle dresses, little felted coats, tiny necklaces and tiaras, miniscule toys and, of course, the people who will make them. When they're finished the dolls will be auctioned on the official Red Nose Day ebay site. Lots and lots of fingers are crossed that they will help towards wonderful causes like this one.