Friday, 1 March 2013

Micro quilting ...

Hello! I'm Tracy and I blog over at Dragonfly.  I am a passionate crafter, like many of the other contributors to this wonderful project, and was delighted when Emma asked if I'd like to make a tiny quilt for Mac.

It didn't take me long to pull out some boyish blues from my fabric stash and start planning. Up for the challenge of down-sizing my usual makes, I decided to recreate the quilt I made for my teenage son last year. Only this time, the 8" squares were a miniscule 1".

All 192 of the teeny squares needed trimming down for accuracy - phew!

As I played with the layout in my sewing room, I prayed that a sudden breeze from a closing door wouldn't blow all the pieces off the table!

Finally, I was ready to go and sew them all together.

I'm hoping that Mac will perhaps take a rest from an afternoon of happy fishing and lay back on the riverbank on his very own quilt.

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  1. And you found just the right fabrics too, it really looks like it could have been made by a doll quilt maker use doll scale cloth! Gorgeous :)

  2. Wow, that quilt is amazing. Such intricate work on a small item

  3. Stunning !!! I love tiny things ...