Monday, 18 February 2013

It's a small world

Hello! My name is Alexandra Smith, I am a seamstress, designer, author and Mum. I'm "Lola" from the blog Lola Nova - Whatever Lola Wants and I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be a part of this wonderful project called Red Nose Day Dolls!

One day not too long ago, I was wandering around the interwebs, as you do and I heard a whispering about a project that the lovely and talented ladies, Emma Mitchell and Ros Badger had started. Intrigued, I investigated and learned a little more about Red Nose Day Dolls. A great cause and a truly sweet project. After that I sent a little bird to ask them if I too could make something to add for the auction for Comic Relief. Happily, they said yes!

So I started making small for the dolls. First something simple, a wee blouse made from a vintage cotton print.

As I was making, I kept hearing about more wonderful artists and crafters contributing to the project. To be in such good company is such a gift.  I love how a little idea has grown into a global project. It really is a small world.

I had quite a good time thinking up all sorts of items to make, but I did limit myself and settled on capes for Poppy, Blossom and Mac.  For who doesn't feel dashing in a cape?

The girl's capes are made from wool felt, applique, trims and lined with Liberty of London fabric.

A tad more manly version for Mac with a dapper collar and lined with a handsome plaid.

The lovely Tallulah agreed to model one for us.

It has been a real joy making for the Red Nose Day Dolls and I know that they will do some real good.

Please keep coming back here to find out the latest on the auction and see what else the makers have been up to!


  1. I love them ... they are truly fabulous!! xxx

  2. These are stunning! Such beautiful details on each and so tiny details at that. These Dolls are so lucky!

  3. Lucky dolls! Absolutely gorgeous,
    P x

  4. Completely gorgeous - everything I would expect from the super talented Lola Nova! The attention to detail is sublime. This project really is a wonder, well done Emma and Ros xxx

  5. Fantastic. Can you make some adult one's too?

  6. Absolutely beautiful, the detail is amazing! x

  7. simply beautiful capes! Heather x

  8. stunning and beautfully made capes, love the deatil you have added, can't wait to see how the auction goes