Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Hello, I'm Maisie and I am from Australia where it is very very hot and full of fires and crazy hotness right now. I came here on a plane and it wasn't even one bit scary. 

Geoff came with me, cause he is my best friend ever in the whole world. Mostly, on the plane we slept and Geoff was a bit grumpy but he is happya again now cause there are biscuits and tea parties in England.

I was maked by Jodie and she maked me some clothes and stuff but no clothes for Geoff cause all his naked is hidden inside his shell so he doesn't need clothes. 

Me and my new friends Blossom and Mac and Poppy are going to all get new forever homes really soon, and we are going to help raise money for Red Nose day.

Did you see my Red Nose? It is the bestest ever present in the world what I have ever been given. Dottycookie made it for me with a special hooky stick thingy. I am going to wear it everyday and even at night time but not to bed.

Jodie told me that lots of really famous makers have maked things for me and my friends and I think that is really nice but I am not really sure do I have to do that bobbing down thing when I meet them?

In Australia we don't do bobbing down much, we just wave.....maybe I'll just wave a lot and they won't mind.


  1. Maisie, you and your friends look gorgeous. I am really glad you like your red nose; I enjoyed making it for you. And I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

  2. Ahhhhh ... Maisie is fantastic!! Welcome to the UK, I am glad you arrived safe and sound!! xx

  3. Welcome to the UK Maisie. I'm so glad you packed a scarf and rain coat.

  4. We throw the best tea parties ... I think you and Geoff are going to love it here!

  5. Hi Maisie, you are so pretty and well prepared for the English weather. I hope Jodie doesn't miss you too much but you are going to have such an exciting time here!

  6. How sweet is this and Maisie aren't you just a little sweetie. I have a special bag I made for you Maisie and I do hope you like it.Hope you love your new home. Much love Krishenka

  7. oh Maisie. I want your forever home to be mine. I shall bidding in that auction! Give Geoff a cuddle too.