Friday, 15 February 2013

Little knitted things

Hello I'm Julie and I'm a knitter. That sort of sounds like a confession doesn't it? And I suppose it is really, because truth be told I'd rather be knitting than doing almost anything else.

So when Emma from Silverpebble asked if I'd like to knit something for the wonderful Red Nose Day dolls I jumped at the chance and decided I'd make a dress and some teeny tiny teddies.

To help me with sizes I had the lovely Lily come to stay with me and act as my model. She was made by Jodie and belongs to the small Silverpebbles.

Lily has been a perfect house guest and very helpful in modelling what I've been making as I go along.

Infact she was so helpful that I made a cardigan to go with the dress.

I've also made four of the teeny tiny teddies.

All of them are made with aran or worsted weight yarn on 3.25mm needles and the yarns I've used are organic undyed manx loghtan (the darkest one), organic manx / whitefaced woodland blend (the speckly one), kid mohair and silk (the fluffy one) and alpaca / cotton blend for the polar bear. If you wanted to make a teeny tiny teddy of your own there is a free pattern that you're welcome to use here.

You can see the other things that I make over on my blog Little Cotton Rabbits.

I've really enjoyed joining in with this wonderful project and seeing all of the fabulous variety of things being crafted by different people around the world. It's a lovely idea and hopefully will do a lot of good in helping others when the dollies and their possessions are auctioned off.

Please keep checking the blog here for more details of the auction and the other wonderful things being made for these dollies.

Thanks, now I'm off to do some more knitting xxx


  1. Oh Julie, utterly and completely perfect

  2. These are amazing, I can't get over how tiny and perfect the teddys are. So Cute!

  3. Will you be selling the pattern for the cardigan and dress? I LOVE them!

  4. Stunning! They're just perfect - am loving what each of you are adding to the dolls. They will be so sought after!
    P x

  5. The dress and cardigan are darling.

  6. Gorgeous work Julie as always :-)

  7. wow, it looks so sweet! if you want to surprise you friends, follow and tells them the history of the red nose holiday!

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