Monday, 11 February 2013

Salty the sea dog, a pet for a lucky Red Nose Day Doll.

May I introduce you to 'Salty'!

My Name is Emma and I'm behind the blog Sew Recycled.
I have been creating crafty things ever since I can remember which has now evolved into a fun and creative job!
I write regularly for Making Magazine and  teach various workshops in needle felting and sewing.
This is how I became involved in the great Red Nose Day Dolls!

One afternoon whilst tweeting, I came across @RedNoseDayDolls, intrigued I clicked on their page and that was the moment I knew I had to take part.
And what fun I have had!  This amazing and brilliant way of raising money for Red Nose Day was the crafty and creative idea by the very talented Emma and Ros!

A pet was needed for one of the lovely dolls, so from humble beginnings......

....Salty emerged, gaining his ears........

.....then his markings, eyes, nose and tail!

As I was making Salty, his character would became quite clear, he is a very friendly and devoted little dog. Those eyes would melt my heart as he gazed up at me, he even managed to persuade me to make him a spotty red neck-chief!

Look at him, so proud of his little outfit!

Wouldn't you just want to kiss that little fuzzy nuzzle!

Now if you are lucky enough to be the winning bid, here are a few details that need to know about Salty.

He was named 'Salty' after a very cherished dog that Ros once owned....

...He is a needle felted Wire Fox Terrier....

...and is made of New Zealand  carded sheep wool.
He is about 10cm in height and about 10cm in length.
He comes with a little neckchief and a small detachable little felted red nose.

He is not really ideal for small children due to small parts and he really doesn't get on well with cats!

So PLEASE help and support by bidding for one of these gorgeous dolls, its a super idea, full of gorgeous and stunning pieces of work made by various crafty peeps, raising money for a very important cause!

 Salty will be chuffed if you do (even if he feels a bit daft with a Red Nose!)
Thank You


  1. It is a particularly kissable fuzzy muzzle (does this mk it a fuzzle or a muzzy??)

  2. Absoulutely gorgeous he is adorable how clever you are. I made the bags for the dolls and they should be with Ros soon. Going to really enjoy seeing them all together. Krishenka

  3. @trash fuzzle muzzle nuzzle, he makes me go all fubuzzle! Thanks @Chrissie I cant wait to see them all together either! Exciting!

  4. Oh! I have a bad case of the wanties! Such a sweet little dog and genius needlefelting!

  5. That's it! "The Wanties"!!! That is exactly what I have got.

  6. Oh my goodness...he is the most adorable thing I have seen in a long the little bit of whimsy with his sweet red nose. Thank you for visiting me the other day...LOVE your creative blog. xo

  7. Vey Very CUTE and a fantastic bit of creating!!

  8. My, that is a superb little pet for the dolls!